Saturday, December 2, 2023

School Boy Saved Classmate’s Life; Honored by Sharjah Police

Ali Muhammad bin Harb Al-Muhairi, a student in Sharjah, was honored by Sharjah Police for his heroic act of saving a classmate who accidentally swallowed a coin. In a ceremony at the office of Commander-in-Chief General Saif Al-Zari Al-Shamsi, Ali was commended for his quick and brave response.

General Shamsi praised Ali’s intuitive and wise behavior during the emergency, emphasizing the significance of cultivating social responsibility and adherence to human duty in nurturing educational environments. The recognition underscores Sharjah Police’s commitment to encouraging positive contributions for community security.

Ali’s exemplary conduct serves an evidence to the positive impact of effective upbringing. During the ceremony, Ali’s father expressed gratitude, thanking Sharjah Police for recognizing his son’s bravery. He highlighted the shared responsibility of parents in instilling such principles, contributing to the development of a security-conscious society capable of overcoming challenges. The acknowledgment aims to inspire others and foster a sense of community duty.

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