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Scooty for Girls – Price in Pakistan 2023, Brands, and Latest Models!

According to the official reports, the demand for scooty is increasing in Pakistan. It is becoming a common trend for girls to ride a scooty; however, the actual aim behind riding a scooty is an independent ride along with pocket-friendly two-wheeler vehicle that consumes low fuel expense.

The rising prices of petrol has made it really hard for people to use their cars all the time for travelling purpose, usually the girls faces a lot of issues with the driving and many people could not afford cars due to high prices

Scooties have made a place in the local markets of Pakistan where the increasing number of sales are depicting the high demand and effectiveness of the product. There are many vehicles for transportation; but scooty is designed in a perfect way that is easy for everyone to handle with a comfortable sitting especially for girls.

The trend is increasing because many girls have started to learn and ride a bike. The number is gradually increasing in overall Pakistan.


The independent rides have become an essential need in this busy world where everyone is concerned with their individual tasks and due to that girls also do not want to be dependent on other for their transportation means.

The Scooty brands have stepped up to empower girls and ladies to have an independent ride freely and comfortably by designing scooties that are super easy to handle and ride. These two-wheeler easy to drive rides are perhaps gaining more popularity for the youth especially for the college and university going girls.

Scooty in Pakistan

The issuance of license to ride a scooty for girls has also started. However, many girls already have their license to ride a bike. Scooty is not only designed for girls as it is a very convenient ride for boys also.

In Pakistan there are many brands that have launched their scooty for ladies and the best scooty for women and girls in the previous year are also considered best in the current year of 2023, as per the official reports.

Top Brands of Scooty in Pakistan

The top brands that have the affordable yet the scooty with unique and useful specifications are as follows:

  • United Scooty
  • Super Power Scooty
  • Honda Scooty
  • Suzuki Scooty

Bikes or scooties are inarguably the most proficient and simple methods of transport. Upheld by the expanded interest in the bike area, this assertion is likewise ending up being increasingly more obvious with soaring deals just as more ladies buying scooty’s (bikes) for their everyday use.

Moreover, these brands are trying to meet the needs and wants of its customers. The scooty is aimed specifically for the women riders by the makers highlighting the major features like easy access, light body, streamlined bodies, and easy maneuvering which is considered more.

Scooty price in Pakistan differ from brand to brand as everyone has their own design, model, innovation, tech and many other various features in terms of quality that creates the price difference.

The brands mentioned above are offering their various models of scooty’s where the prices are from cheaper to an expensive ones. However, this two-wheeler is an easily affordable vehicle.

United Scooty

United Scooty is currently gaining an edge because of its unique models and sales. These scooties are in high demand and girls are loving the colors of United Scooty. Meanwhile the best 3 models are as follows:

  • United Scooty 50cc
  • United Scooty 80cc
  • United Scooty 100cc


United Scooty 50cc

United company has introduced their very lightweight as well as low power scooty for the young girls of Pakistan. This model, United 50cc scooty is also known as one of the cheapest ones that are launched locally in Pakistan.

This scooter is launched for those girls who just want an easy-to-handle and comfortable scooty, as this 50cc variant can easily be the great choice. However, you can find various color options in it and you can choose it according to your choice.

This United 50cc scooty is a perfect choice for the ones who are initially learning riding. As this lesser power vehicle with lighter presence make this an easy to ride vehicle in the local packed traffic situations on busy roads.

The price for the new United 50cc scooty is over Rs. 50,000 in Pakistan, as per the official pricing list.

United 80cc Scooty

The United 80cc scooty is a great choice for girls and even for ladies who wants to experience a totally comfortable scooty ride. This scooter comes with 4-strokes and an OHC system that just make it a perfect ride.

The power output of this elegant and stylish scooty is 7.2 Hp like (8000 rpm). The scooty; however, comes with a weight of around 90Kg. It is a convenient vehicle for the frequent travellers. It is an amazing combination of comfort and power.

It is also very affordable and a strong vehicle for college and university going girls. The price of this scooty is around Rs. 90,000 as per the reports.

United 100cc Scooty

For the individuals who need to get their scooty driving game to the best level, the United 100cc scooty is the perfect ride for them. This scooty is intended to withstand successive utilization without ailing in the presentation area.

You can track down this model with a 4-cycle motor just as a solitary chamber constrained air-cooled motor. The dry load of this scooty is about 91Kg.

The 100cc variant is one of the best choices for those who just like to have a good ride with their friends. The powerful engine of this delivers a smooth performance with carrying capacity of 2 passengers as on-board. However, you can also carry your groceries as well as the other items on it.

Ladies Scooty price in Pakistan 2023 are updated with the new pricing list by the brands. However, United 100cc Scooty 2023 is certainly offered as the best girls scooty for everyday use. This scooty with single-cylinder engine is offered with four stroke and it is forced air-cooled.

This United 100cc powerful scooty was available at a price tag of Rs. 95,000 in Pakistan in 2021. However, in 2023 the Price of United Scooty 100cc is reported relatively with a bit higher price tag of PKR 145,000.

Super Power Scooty

Super Power has become popular in Pakistan for its motorbikes as the sales are also excelling. The firm has expanded all its operation in this sector of producing as manufacturing its scooties.

Super Power 70cc Scooty

Super Power 70cc scooty is one of the most amazing scooty recently launched in consumer market. Just like competitors, Super Power has also come up with affordable, mid-ranged power scooty for young girls. A comfortable seating is available in this 70cc scooty and it is available in various colors also.

The aim to launch this 70cc scooty is to accomplish a very lightweight ride along with a mid-ranged power engine as it is suitable for the beginners as well as for the frequent riders. In 2023, this model of scooty is considered among the best super power scooty models.

The features are highly unique as the fuel average of Super Power 70cc scooty is achievable of about 65KM/L. The top speed of it is around 70 KM/h. However the additional features include an automatic self-start power option, along with the metallic color choices, and also a rear stand.

This scooty has made its separate fan base in Pakistan and not only girls but the boys are also loving it. The ride on it is comfortable and smooth and it gives a pleasant experience while riding on the road.

The price of this scooty is approx. to Rs. 80,000 that is quite affordable and reasonable. This budget-friendly scooty is giving a tough competitor to the competitors as it is unique, with high-quality features and impressive design.

Honda Scooty

Honda is known for its luxury vehicles and the loyal customers of Honda always prefer this brand rather switching to any other brand. Honda has grabbed the attention of young girls and ladies by launching its scooty. However the best-selling Honda Scooty’s in 2023 is Honda Dio.

Honda Dio

Honda Dio has a fully automatic transmission. It has 1 cylinder along with a maximum power of 7.76 PS @ 8000 rpm. Maximum Torque is 9 Nm @ 4750 rpm and it has an SI Engine with 4 stroke and a cool fan.

This Is How The Honda Dio Repsol Edition Looks Like In Real Life - Video

As per the reports this scooty delivers 77% better mileage than other scooties. The mileage is recorded as 48 kmpl. However, the price is in the range of above 1 lac and the used ones are available at very low and affordable prices. Honda scooty price in Pakistan varies for different models. This Dio model is not only for girls but looks super cool for young boys.

Suzuki Scooty

Suzuki has a separate streamline of scooty and is successfully running this product internationally. In Pakistan scooty is currently grabbing the interest of young girls and Suzuki is also playing its role to fulfill the needs of customers by manufacturing their unique Scooters.

Suzuki 49cc Scooty

The brand new Suzuki 49cc scooty is has 4 Stroke an EFI single Cylinder along with a comfortable sitting. Fuel tank capacity is around 4 liters. However, the transmission is of CVT.

Suzuki scooty price in pakistan for the brand new scooter Suzuki 49cc is in the range of Rs. 80,000 to up to 100,000.

Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023

Scooties of several brands are available in Pakistan; however, the prices varies according to different variants and models in Pakistan. Prices of best selling scooties of 2023 are mentioned below:


Price in Pakistan

United Scooty 50cc PKR, 50, 000
United 80cc Scooty PKR 90,000
United 100cc Scooty PKR  1,45,000
Super Power 70cc Scooty 165,000
Honda Dio PKR 60,000-100,000
Suzuki 49cc Scooty PKR 80,000-100,000

Pakistan is excelling in technology and it has made many things very convenient and easy for people across the nation. Many of the scooties are imported to Pakistan. However,, in 2021, many girls and women were reported to got their riding liscence in Pakistan and now more women are expected to ride scooty on the roads of Pakistan in 2023.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
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