Monday, April 15, 2024

See Beyond the Screen! Lenovo Introduces World’s First See-Through Laptop

Lenovo made a big entrance at the MWC 2024 Barcelona event by introducing Project Crystal, which they claim is the first-ever laptop with a micro-LED screen. Even though Project Crystal is just a concept for now and isn’t ready for sale, it’s still super cool because it shows off the latest technology.

The smart folks at Lenovo’s ThinkPad team are the ones behind this new laptop, which has a micro-LED display and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make a see-through screen.

This feature could come in handy in lots of situations. For example, you could flip the display so people on the other side can see what’s on your screen. Lenovo also thinks it could be useful for augmented reality (AR) stuff, like recognizing objects or putting diagrams on things to help with fixing stuff.

But, there are a few problems with Project Crystal, like the touch-based keyboard not feeling like a real keyboard. However, Lenovo says they’re using AI to make it better at figuring out how you type. Despite a few issues, Project Crystal is all about showing off cool new display tech.

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