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Selena Gomez Becomes The First Women In History To Surpass 400 Million Followers on Instagram

Selena Gomez became the first woman to reach the coveted 400 million follower mark on Instagram after just reaching that milestone. Prior to now, Kylie had the most Instagram followers of any woman.

At this time, Kylie has 382 million fans. Selena made the announcement that she was quitting social media last month, when she overtook Jennifer Lopez as the most followed female star on Instagram.

In a 2021 during an interview, the singer revealed that she deleted the photo-sharing app from her phone in 2019 after it started to affect her mental health. “At one point, Instagram became my whole world, and it was really dangerous,” she said in 2022.

Page Six reported that last month, Selena went live on TikTok, saying, “I’m very happy; I’m so blessed.” “I have the best friends and the best fans in the whole world, and I just couldn’t be happier.”

Selena recently told Vanity Fair that she has pulled back from social media and now just uses the TikTok app on her phone, despite having millions of followers.

The celebrity continued by stating that she was offended by the “mean” comments made by trolls and that excessive use of the platforms was a “waste of time.”

According to Selena, there are wonderful things about social media—connecting with fans, seeing how happy and excited they are, and hearing their stories.

On Instagram, Gomez has the most followers of any woman. With 562 million followers, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is the person with the most followers overall. Lionel Messi, another soccer legend, comes in second with 442 million.

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