Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Self-Driving Police Patrol Cars Hit the Road in Beijing

The Beijing high-level autonomous driving demonstration area has introduced a road test for unmanned police patrol cars, marking the first initiative of its kind in China.

A fleet of fifteen self-driving patrol cars, equipped with flashing lights, has been deployed on public roads within the autonomous driving demonstration area in Yizhuang. These vehicles are now performing round-the-clock police duties in collaboration with officers from the Daxing Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

The testing of these autonomous patrol cars encompasses a range of law enforcement activities, including patrolling, ensuring security for large-scale events, making public announcements, issuing warnings, and engaging in emergency rescue work. The vehicles, developed by Neolix, boast Level 4 autonomous driving technology, allowing them to operate without human intervention in specific conditions. They can swiftly complete battery replacement in just 30 seconds and have an impressive driving range of 100 kilometers.

Zhang Weiling, Senior Vice President of Neolix, highlighted the vehicles’ capabilities, stating that they are equipped with a 360-degree multi-sensor fusion perception system, enabling them to detect objects up to 120 meters away. The onboard computing platform is powerful enough to process real-time road conditions and ensure the safety of the vehicle during operations.

The unmanned patrol cars are set to cover an extensive area of 60 square kilometers within the demonstration zone. The Beijing autonomous driving demonstration area, initiated in September 2020, encompasses 160 square kilometers and features intelligent connected roads and a dedicated smart city network. Currently, 28 vehicle testing companies operate in this area, with over 800 vehicles engaged in testing and commercial exploration, accumulating a total test mileage exceeding 20 million kilometers.

This initiative marks a significant step forward in integrating autonomous driving technology into law enforcement, demonstrating China’s commitment to advancing innovation in smart city solutions and autonomous vehicle applications. The introduction of unmanned police patrol cars not only showcases technological prowess but also explores the potential for enhancing public safety through autonomous systems.

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