Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Self-made Millionaire Reveals How You Can Use AI to Earn Millions

Matt Higgins, the self-made millionaire, and CEO of RSE Ventures reveals how AI can be used to become a millionaire while talking to CNBC.

Higgins stated that Artificial Intelligence will be the biggest wealth creator in history as AI does not care about your origin, financial status, and background degree. Higgins claims that AI has the potential to destroy barriers that prevented people to pursue their dreams in the past.

Susan Gonzales, the CEO of AIandYou reveals that AI can contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Follow the ways suggested by both self-made millionaires to utilize AI for generating millions and join their category.


The most common freelancing skills include content writing, photo and video editing, and graphic designing. According to Susan, now formulating business plans and creating digital artwork is highly convenient through AI tools and a great source to earn.

Kristen Walters uses the AI tool, ‘Jasper’ to develop digital products like e-books, workbooks, and audiobooks. While sharing her work procedure she says that if she wants to create a workbook, she would use Jasper’s chat feature to make an outline and then utilize the prompts to create the outline. All the process is in minutes followed by transforming the workbook into a finished workbook by Canva, offering it for online sale, and earning hundreds of dollars.


Susan Gonzales suggests startups invest in AI tools to foster up your sales and earnings. AI can help design and analyze marketing campaigns effectively.

Jacqueline DeStefano-Tangorra, the CEO of Omni Business Intelligence Solutions says she uses ChatGPT to design meeting agendas and for filling forms when onboarding new clients.

However, Gonzales warns to put any confidential information into an AI tool.


Gonzales says that AI tutoring will be the most high-demand job soon. You can learn how AI works through many learning platforms and then become an AI Tutor yourself. Leading global universities like California and Harvard offer free AI courses focused on data analytics, algorithms, and many other skills to prepare individuals for the AI industry.

Higgins 4-Steps to Utilize AI

You can also follow Higgins 4 steps route to becoming a millionaire.

Identify a Trend

Identify the latest trends in a specific niche however, pick a trend that is captivating enough to attract people. For instance, many people are exploring to use AI for startups and small businesses to improve their sales and yields.

Become an Expert

Invest your time in learning AI tools that can help business function effectively. Learn from every social media platform about AI tools and then record yourself or use ChatGPT to write a video script.

Either upload the document or video to an online course creator like Courseau.

Develop Website

Now make an attractive title for your course video and design your brand’s logo. You can utilize AI tools like Midjourney or Looka.

Use the site ‘Durable’ to build a website and optimize it. You can also utilize the AI tool ‘Pictory’ to convert a text-based course into a cinematic promotional video to better engage your customers.

AI Marketing Team

Create all the marketing strategies and copywriting from ChatGPT, create a newsletter, and formulate emails as well.

AI is the best platform to become a billionaire. Invest in AI and turn your dreams into reality.

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