Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sending Red Heart Emojis on WhatsApp Can Land User in Jail With Rs. 4.6 Million Fine in Saudi Arabia

According to the Saudi newspaper Okaz, a cybercrime expert has warned the public that sending someone a red heart on WhatsApp can land the sender in jail.

If the sender is proven guilty, he might face a two- to five-year jail as well as a fine of SR100,000, as per Saudi law.

Al Moataz Kutbi, member of Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Fraud Association, said in a statement to the Saudi newspaper that sending “red hearts” on WhatsApp is a “harassment crime.”

He added that the use of “some images and expressions during online chats may turn into a crime of harassment if a lawsuit is filed by the injured party.”

Further, he warned app users against engaging in uncomfortable or unwanted chats with strangers or using “explicit expressions or red heart emojis.”

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