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Session on FulBright Scholarship by PrepVista.

PrepVista–a leading GRE,SAT,GMAT prep and admissions consulting company–is holding a seminar on FulBright scholarship on March 5th 2022.
Following areas will be covered in this 3 hours seminar:

-On which areas you must focus if you are just starting out.

-Getting organized.

-Taking the GRE.

-Importance of GRE for the FulBright.

-GRE Verbal secrets: How important the Verbal score is and what course of action you must follow if you have yet to take the GRE.

-GRE Quant secrets: How to work smartly and end up getting a FulBright worthy Quant score.

-Letter of recommendations.

-Essays: The art of being authentic.

-Transcripts and Research Work.

-Additional documents.


-Who should go for FulBright Scholarship and who shouldn’t?

-Is this the right time or should you wait for next year?

-Career choices after FulBright Scholarship.

Speakers Profile:

Muhammad Ali Tariq: CEO PrepVista. Lead GMAT,GRE, and SAT instructor at PrepVista.

Mahnoor: Lead Consultant for Applications for MS and PhD at PrepVista. 
(Also herself FulBright selected.)

Other related upcoming workshops by PrepVista:

–GRE Reading Comprehension Mastery workshop. Why start with mastering the RC? (12th March 2022)

–GRE Quant Mastery in 9 days: Quant immersion for 9 consecutive days to tackle the Quant section of the GRE. It’s like GRE Quant Mastery on steroids. For this course, we recommend taking off from work for a week. It’s a highly organized course for those who want to get oriented and have a massive momentum in the right direction. (19th March-27th March)

–Crafting a killer Statement of Purpose for the FulBright scholarship. (April 2nd 2022)

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