Thursday, July 18, 2024

Shadab Khan is Not in the Team Due to ‘Friendship’: Usama Mir

Pakistan leg-spinner Usama Mir has shown his support for Shadab Khan, who faced criticism on social media due to his recent performances. During the Asia Cup 2023, Shadab took six wickets in five matches, with an average of 40.83, including four wickets against Nepal.

Mir thanked the fans for their support but highlighted that support should work both ways. He explained that players receive praise when they perform well, but they also face harsh criticism when they have a few bad games. Mir emphasized that a cricketer’s value shouldn’t be judged solely based on a couple of matches and that Shadab Khan is not a bad cricketer despite his recent performances.

Mir also addressed the notion that players are chosen due to “friendship” or other factors, calling it nonsense. He stated that he has personally witnessed how hard Shadab and the team work during their training.

Drawing from his own experiences, Mir mentioned how fans’ opinions can change rapidly, going from excitement during his debut to facing criticism after a few average games. He urged fans to refrain from unnecessary criticism, as it can negatively affect players and the team’s morale.

Mir concluded by expressing confidence that the Pakistan team would overcome their current challenges and bring happiness to their supporters soon. He asked fans to keep the team in their prayers and ended with the patriotic slogan “Pakistan Zindabad” (Long Live Pakistan).

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