Thursday, April 18, 2024

“Shaheen Afridi Lives Rent Free in Indian Players Minds”- Akash Chopra

Chopra noticed that the Indian batsmen have been constantly thinking about Shaheen, the Pakistani bowler, who has been doing really well in the game. Shaheen started strong, even after a rain delay, and was able to make the ball swing. He got Rohit out with a ball that curved in, and later, he got Virat Kohli out with a ball that stayed on its path and moved away from the Indian captain, showing his skills.

Chopra said that Shaheen tends to create chances early in the game. He’s a great bowler who makes the ball swing at a good speed. It seems like he’s always on the minds of Indian batsmen because when he starts running towards them, they expect either a leg-before-wicket decision or a batter getting out.

India scored a total of 266 runs, mainly thanks to Ishan Kishan and Hardik Pandya, who both played really well and made more than fifty runs each. Their aggressive batting helped India’s score a lot. India’s next match in the Asia Cup 2023 will be against Nepal.

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