Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Shaheen Afridi to Get Big Amount Despite Not Playing in The Hundred 2024

Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Afridi is set to earn a significant sum from The Hundred 2024, despite deciding not to participate in this year’s tournament due to family commitments. According to The Telegraph, Afridi has been re-signed by Welsh Fire for the 2024 edition, falling into the £100,000 pay category, which is the second-highest band. In the previous season, Afridi played for Welsh Fire and took six wickets.

Despite not playing this year, Afridi will still receive £5,000 from the competition. This is because all players who sign contracts for The Hundred are entitled to five percent of their contract value in exchange for their image rights, even if they withdraw. This rule ensures that Afridi earns money from the tournament despite his absence.

The 24-year-old will face no penalties for pulling out of The Hundred to play in the Global T20 League instead. He remains eligible to be drafted for the next edition of The Hundred. However, his decision to withdraw has impacted Welsh Fire, as they have now lost one of their two £100,000 player slots, which is the second-highest pay band in the competition.

Shaheen Afridi is one of seven Pakistani players who have signed up for the Global T20 Canada league, which will take place from July 25 to August 11. Afridi chose to skip The Hundred 2024 because the Global T20 has a shorter window, allowing him to spend more time with his family, as reported by Telegraph Sport.

This decision showcases Afridi’s efforts to balance his professional and personal commitments. Despite not playing, his contract with The Hundred ensures he still benefits financially, highlighting the flexibility and player-friendly nature of modern cricket contracts. These arrangements allow athletes to prioritize their personal lives without significant financial loss.

For Welsh Fire, Afridi’s absence is a setback, but it also provides an opportunity for other players to step up and make their mark in the competition. Afridi’s participation in the Global T20 Canada league will still offer fans a chance to see him in action, demonstrating his skills on an international stage.

As Afridi prepares for the Global T20 Canada league, his decision underscores the importance of family commitments and the ability of professional athletes to manage their careers while maintaining a balance with their personal lives. The cricketing world will continue to watch Afridi’s career with interest, appreciating his contributions both on and off the field.

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