Saturday, June 15, 2024

Shahid Afridi Praises Virat Kohli’s Interest in Visiting Pakistan

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi has lauded Indian cricket star Virat Kohli for showing interest in visiting Pakistan. Afridi, speaking at a tape-ball cricket event in Karachi, welcomed Kohli’s gesture warmly. He mentioned that he anticipated such a statement from Kohli and would be delighted to see him visit Pakistan, whether it’s for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) or with the Indian national team.

Recently, during a video call with Pakistani mountaineer Shahroz Kashif, Virat Kohli expressed his desire to visit Pakistan. Kohli noted the growing popularity of Pakistan as a tourist destination, which has intrigued many international travelers. Shahroz shared the story of how an Indian stranger he met in Nepal in 2022 admired his mountaineering work. This stranger facilitated an introduction to Kohli, which led to the unexpected video call.

Although the exact timing of the call is not specified, Shahroz’s recent social media posts suggest that the conversation took place recently. This exchange has sparked excitement among cricket fans in both countries.

Adding to the anticipation, the upcoming Champions Trophy has fueled speculation that the Indian cricket team might visit Pakistan. This possibility has cricket enthusiasts eagerly hoping for Kohli’s potential visit. The idea of one of cricket’s biggest stars touring Pakistan is thrilling for fans, promising to strengthen sportsmanship and relations between the two cricket-loving nations.

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