Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Shahid Afridi Reveals why He Married His Daughter to Shaheen

Former Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi recently explained his decision to have his daughter, Ansha Afridi, marry Shaheen Afridi, a left-arm pacer in the Pakistan cricket team. The couple had a private wedding ceremony in September 2023, attended by several national team players.

Afridi mentioned that the two families had been in contact about this marriage for a while. He emphasized the importance of being a good human being and noted that Shaheen is a great person. While he didn’t know Shaheen personally, the feedback from those who played domestic cricket with him praised his attitude and maturity, which were significant factors for Afridi.

Afridi was also asked if he had ever received offers to act in movies. He revealed that he had received a few offers, even from India, but he never seriously considered it. Afridi’s identity has always been associated with cricket, and acting in TV commercials was as far as he went in the entertainment industry.

It’s worth noting that Shaheen and Ansha were married in February of the same year in a simple ceremony at a local mosque in Karachi, with close relatives from both families in attendance.

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