Thursday, June 1, 2023

Shahid Afridi Strongly Condemned the Outburst on May 9

Shahid Khan Afridi, former captain and legendary all-rounder, strongly condemned the November incidents of burning and encirclement.

Shahid Afridi told Sama in an exclusive interview that there is a lot of criticism in Pakistan even for speaking positively. Nothing was said.

He stated, “I don’t understand why politicians don’t accept that if there is a Pakistan Army, then we are.” We are extremely fortunate that the Pakistan Army is available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sacrifices should not be rendered ineffective.

He stated that we are burning our own country and becoming its enemies; we must all accept that the Pakistan Army is our reality; parents of Pakistan Army soldiers send their children to protect us.

“I am very fortunate,” the former captain said. Allah made me in a free country. My children ask me why there is a fire in this country, but I have no words to respond.”

Shahid Afridi stated that he does not understand why the country’s economy cannot function; a politician’s job is to work for the country’s development and prosperity.

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