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Shahid Afridi ‘Warns’ Shaheen Afridi Against Calling Him ‘Sasur’

Shahid Afridi, the former captain of Pakistan, has cautioned his son-in-law, Shaheen Afridi, against addressing him as ‘sasur’ (father-in-law) in public. During a conversation with a local TV channel, Afridi told Shaheen, “I don’t want to hear this word from your mouth again.”

Afridi advised Shaheen that since he recently won a cricket trophy, he should not be addressed as Shaheen’s father-in-law. Afridi was referring to his team, Asia Lions, which defeated India Maharajas by nine runs to win the Legends League Cricket event.

In the Pakistan Super League half a decade ago, Shaheen described bowling to Shahid as a great event for him. He also discussed the value of that experience. “He serves as my example. He has served as my source of inspiration. Lala had been batting well, and I used to turn off the TV when he was out. He is both my friend and my hero, declared Shaheen.

“Never imagined that I would join your family’’. It felt like a dream come true for me to play against him. “I took his wicket,” continued Shaheen.

Shaheen’s wedding festivities (Rukhsati) with Ansha Afridi will begin in September of this year, according to information shared by Shahid. Should I reveal the month to them? Shahid enquired of Shaheen before making the declaration. Shaheen and Ansha wed in February of this year after a straightforward Nikkah ceremony.

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