Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Shaista Lodhi had Honour to take part in Ghilaaf-e-Kaaba Stitching.

Shaista Lodhi is a gifted Pakistani host and a clinical specialist who is popular with her admirers. She claims and works SL Basics, a beauty care products organization. The host likewise has a profound side. She as of late imparted to her admirers her excellent and inspiring Umrah venture.

Shaista’s video blog from Makkah has been transferred. She expressed that she had been sitting tight for her Umrah require quite a while and that she had at last gotten it. She then, at that point, posted a video where she expressed that she was in Makkah and that she had partaken as far as she can tell.

Shaista additionally expressed that she got a call from the Ghilaf E Kaaba industrial facility, where she expressed that she doesn’t view herself as deserving of partaking in the sewing of Ghilaf E Kaaba, however that this is occurring. Shaista then, at that point, visited the industrial facility, where she aided the sewing of Ghilaf E Kaaba.

Shaista Lodhi additionally showed the Muqadasat of Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawarrah to the admirers at the Makkah Museum. Shaista Lodhi was thrilled to have the option to impart her fantastic outing to her fans. Here is a connection to her must-see video blog.

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