Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Shane Warne Reveals Pakistani Captain ‘Saleem Malik’ Offered Him $276,000 for Match Fixing

Shane Warne, the legendary Australian cricketer, has disclosed that he was once promised $276,000 to deliberately bowl poorly while on tour in Pakistan, but he turned down the offer.

Shane, the champion leg-spinner, 52, recalled being summoned to Pakistan skipper Saleem Malik’s room the night before day five of a 1994 Test in Warne’s new documentary.

In Karachi, the match was finely balanced, with the hosts requiring 160 runs to win and Australia needing seven wickets to win on a turning field.

Warne sat down in Malik’s hotel room after arriving and was taken aback by what the disgraced skipper had to say.

‘He (Mailk) says, ‘Well, we can’t lose… you have no idea what happens in Pakistan when we lose,’ Warne stated.

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