Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sharjah International Book Fair Offers Vouchers to School Students to Purchase their Favorite Books

The Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) is going all out to ignite the love for reading among school students. Until November 12th, students are in for a treat with vouchers to snag their favorite books from a whopping selection of over 1.5 million titles. This thoughtful initiative by the Sharjah Book Authority not only puts the joy of reading in young hands but also echoes the Emirate’s goal of fostering a knowledge-driven society.

SIBF’s 42nd edition is not just a book haven; it is a cultural carnival. With more than 1700 events led by 215 guests from 69 countries, this 12-day extravaganza is a vibrant mix of entertainment and education. Spanning various creative fields, from theatre to novels, sports to music, and even social media content creation, SIBF is not just a book fair; it is an experience.

Hundreds of thousands of students, representing different academic stages, are part of this literary celebration. It is a melting pot of creators, artists, and inspirational figures, all converging to celebrate the magic of books. Through such initiatives, the Sharjah Book Authority is not only providing access to a treasure trove of knowledge but is also sowing the seeds for a future where reading is at the heart of aspiration and achievement for the UAE’s youth.

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