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Shazia Ishaq from Chitral Becomes the First Female ASP after Passing CSS Exams

After passing the Central Superior Services (CSS) exams, Shazia Ishaq of Chitral’s Boni town became the first female ASP from the Malakand district. In response to her accomplishment, Shazia said that hard work pays off and that she aspires to be a beacon of hope for the women of Chitral.

She went on to say that, like men, women would rise to prominence in any field if given the chance. Perseverance, determination, and steadfast devotion to one’s goals, according to Shazia, will pay off in terms of achieving one’s goals. She had applied for the Pakistan Police Service (PSP) and taken the CSS 2020 exams. Shazia got her primary education in Upper Chitral before continuing her education at Islamia College Peshawar.

The results of the written exams for the Central Superior Services (CSS) 2020 were released by the Federal Public Service Commission on Thursday.

According to the FPSC’s statistics, just 1.9 percent of applicants were effective. Three hundred and sixty-six candidates out of a total of 18,553 took the exams and passed. After the Viva Voce, 364 candidates were finally qualified. There are 226 men and 138 women among the successful candidates.

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