Monday, June 17, 2024

‘Shoaib Akhtar Took so Many Injections that He Can’t Walk Now’: Shahid Afridi Defends Shaheen Afridi

As Shoaib Akhtar attacked the left-arm pacer for leaving the field injured in the T20 World Cup final against England last year, Shahid Afridi defended his son-in-law, Shaheen Afridi.

In a recent local TV interview, Akhtar claimed that Shaheen had a chance to become the most famous person in Pakistan but blew it by failing to finish his over at a critical point in the aforementioned match.

“If I were in Shaheen Afridi’s position, I would have bowled the same number of deliveries over those 12 minutes to establish myself as Pakistan’s most famous bowler. I would have gone bowling, fallen, and broken both of my knees, but I would have gotten back up, took an injection to numb them, and repeated the process.”

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