Saturday, May 25, 2024

Shocking News! Medical Student Allegedly Died of Heart Attack Due to Stress of Hefty Fine

On Monday, a group of students from a private medical college in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) area protested, alleging that a female student had passed away due to a heart attack under unclear circumstances. They claimed that the college owner and certain faculty members were imposing strict rules on campus. The student’s death and the subsequent protest led the college administration to acknowledge the allegations and issue a notification to address the concerns of the demonstrators.

According to reports, the students gathered on a street, chanting slogans, and stated that this was the fifth similar incident in recent years. They mentioned that the deceased student was under mental distress due to alleged mistreatment by a teacher and the college management.

Conflicting reports emerged regarding the student’s death, with some classmates suggesting it was a suicide. They pointed out the lack of intervention from senior management to help ease her distress. This incident has raised concerns among students and highlighted the need for better support systems and transparency within the college.

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