Saturday, June 15, 2024

Sigma Motors dispatches Pakistan’s first half and half sun oriented, electric and fuel vehicle

Pakistani motorcycles business goliath Sigma Motorsports just dispatched the HS Q4, its interesting mixture vehicle that will be the first in the nation’s set of experiences to run on sun based force, power, and fuel.

As detailed by, the HS Q4 comes in three variations: EV Standard, EVS Solar, and EVS Premium, and is currently accessible for booking in four tones including white, blue, red and orange.

Sigma Motorsports’ new vehicle is both climate cordial and savvy. The HS Q4 will have sun oriented plates alongside an electric engine to charge the vehicle.

The vehicle will likewise include a 150-200Km territory extender 6 liter petroleum motor and a savvy Battery Management System (BMS). Other primary highlights incorporate a force guiding, power windows, back camera, brake supporter, combination edges, focal and power locking, LED headlamps and mist lights.

The EVS Standard (Electric Only) variation is valued at Rs. 1,895,000, while the EVS Solar (Electric + Solar) variation costs Rs. 1,995,000. Also, the EVS Premium (Electric + Solar + Fuel) is valued at Rs. 2,125,000.

Sigma HS Q4 can be reserved now with half forthright installment. The vehicle will be fit to be conveyed inside 60-75 days with a one-year or 20,000km guarantee.

Sigma Motorsports is one of Pakistan’s driving bike vendor organizations. They have an assortment of Pakistanis’ #1 cruisers, from road and sports bicycles to visiting and rough terrain bicycles. For the cross breed vehicle project, this Lahore based auto organization, has banded together with United Auto Motorsports, a bike business organization in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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