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Signal has gained 7.5 Million+ users Worldwide due to WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently has lost its millions of followers just right after its announcement of the new privacy policy which was not even received in the global community and as WhatsApp was threatening the user to block their accounts and share the information if they do not accept the terms and conditions that they offer.

WhatsApp since then had delayed their induction of this privacy policy among the backlash; however, it has already caused this platform to lose around 7.5+ million followers.

Signal has recently gained over 7.5 million users worldwide as in the first three weeks of this month, January while the Telegram has also gained around more than 25 million followers during the same period. WhatsApp after that has delayed its privacy policies to get implemented until the date of 15th May.

According to the report, WhatsApp from the most downloaded app went down in UK as in the beginning of this month and year of, January, 2021 as it went down to 23rd position only in12 days.

Moreover, the new rival app “Signal” takes the place and became the most downloaded app like in the country by the day of 9th January. It was not even in the list of top 1000 apps before in the UK like on 6th January. Whatsapp also dropped its position down to 3rd in Pakistan also

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