Monday, July 22, 2024

Sindh Auctions Most Expensive Number Plate ‘1’ for Rs. 10 Crore

Sindh recently conducted its first-ever auction of premium number plates, organized by the Excise and Taxation Department. The event attracted a large crowd, eager to acquire unique and distinctive registration plates.

The star of the auction was the ‘A1’ number plate, which set a new record by selling for an astonishing Rs100 million (10 crore rupees). This coveted plate was bought by businessman Muzamal Kareem. Kareem also made headlines by purchasing the premium number plate ‘7’ for Rs45 million (4.5 crore rupees).

Another significant sale was the ‘786’ number plate, which was acquired by businessman Sorosh for Rs26 million (2.6 crore rupees). Sindh Energy Minister Nasir Shah presented Sorosh with the ownership certificate for this prized plate.

Provincial ministers emphasized that these premium number plates are more than just registration numbers—they are valuable investment assets. Auction winners can resell these plates in the future, potentially making a profit.

The auction was a significant event for Sindh, highlighting the growing interest in exclusive and prestigious number plates. It also showcased the willingness of individuals to invest substantial amounts for the prestige associated with owning unique registration plates.

This first-of-its-kind auction in Sindh has set a high bar for future events, proving that the market for premium number plates is both lucrative and competitive.

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