Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Sindh Governor Announces Free Air Tickets to Stranded Sindh Students in Kyrgyzstan

Sindh Governor Kamran Tesori has announced that Pakistani students from Sindh who are currently stranded in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, will receive free air tickets to return home. This announcement was made during a press conference held in Karachi.

Governor Tesori shared that for the past three days, these students have been in a difficult situation in Kyrgyzstan. He emphasized the urgency of the situation, noting that these students, referred to as “our children,” have been essentially trapped and unable to return home.

The Governor also mentioned that the parents of these students have been in close contact with his office, expressing their concerns and seeking assistance. He assured them that if the situation does not improve soon, he is prepared to personally travel to Bishkek to ensure the safe return of the students.

Governor Tesori expressed optimism that the situation will be resolved quickly and that the students will be able to come back to Pakistan safely. He reassured everyone that the government is actively working on the issue and doing everything possible to support the stranded students.

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