Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori Leased 48 Shops in Karachi for Affordable ‘Rs. 2 Roti’

Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori is taking a big step to help the people of Karachi who are facing economic challenges. He has started a program called ‘Rs2 Roti,’ where tandoors will sell roti for just Rs2.

The governor has leased 48 shops in Karachi to set up these tandoors. Initially, 10 tandoors will start operating next week, and eventually, there will be 300 tandoors across the city.

Governor Tessori wants to provide affordable roti to the citizens and help them during this time of inflation and economic difficulty. By placing these tandoors strategically around the city, more people will have access to cheap roti, giving some relief in these tough times.

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