Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sindh Govt Cancels All Exams Due to Cyclone Biparjoy

In response to the approaching Very Severe Cyclonic System (VSCS) Biparjoy, the Sindh government has made the decision to cancel all examinations starting from tomorrow (Wednesday). The cyclone is expected to make landfall between Karachi and India’s Gujarat on Thursday.

Karachi’s Assistant Commissioner, Abid Qamar Shaikh, issued a notification stating that all examinations, education seminars, summer camps, and education-related activities should be cancelled or rescheduled from June 14, 2023, until the storm has passed. This measure aims to protect human lives and prevent inconvenience to the general public.

The notification mentioned that the cyclone is likely to impact the coastal areas of Karachi Division, bringing heavy rainfall and storms to the city. According to the latest advisory from the Pakistan Meteorologist Department (PMD), the cyclone has moved further north-northwestward over the northeast Arabian Sea in the past six hours.

At present, Biparjoy is located approximately 410km south of Karachi and 400km south of Thatta, near Latitude 21.2°N and Longitude 66.6°E. The Met Office has reported that the maximum sustained surface winds around the center of the cyclone are between 150-160kmph, with gusts reaching 180kmph. Sea conditions near the center of the system are described as phenomenal, with a maximum wave height of 30 feet.

The cancellation of examinations and education-related activities is a precautionary step taken by the Sindh government to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and the general public. The authorities are keen on minimizing the potential risks associated with the cyclone and the adverse weather it may bring.

Officials will closely monitor the situation and provide further updates and instructions as necessary. It is advised that residents in the affected areas remain vigilant and follow the guidance of local authorities to stay safe during this period of expected severe weather.

Students and educational institutions are advised to stay informed through official channels for updates regarding the rescheduling of examinations and the resumption of educational activities once the cyclone has passed and conditions have improved.

The Sindh government, along with relevant agencies, is committed to safeguarding the well-being and safety of its citizens in the face of natural disasters like Cyclone Biparjoy.

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