Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Sindh Govt to Launch EV & Pink Taxi Services

The Sindh Government plans to introduce Pakistan’s first electric vehicle (EV) taxis, which will include a unique pink variant, as announced by Minister Sharjeel Memon.

This initiative aims to address Karachi’s serious air pollution issues, which are largely caused by the large number of gasoline-powered vehicles and insufficient public transportation options.

While an exact launch date has not been revealed yet, the introduction of EV taxis is anticipated to provide commuters with a potentially more affordable choice, especially with the increasing costs of fuel and high fares for ride-hailing services.

This initiative is in line with global efforts to promote environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Karachi has recently expanded its public transport system by adding 30 hybrid and 50 electric buses to its fleet, as part of efforts to improve the Peoples Bus Service, which aims to reach a total of 300 vehicles.

These steps indicate a commitment to reducing air pollution and promoting sustainable transport options in Karachi, benefiting both the environment and the city’s residents.

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