Saturday, June 15, 2024

Sindh Police Announces Online Driving License Service

The Sindh Police has taken a significant step towards digital transformation by launching an online platform for the issuance of driving licenses. This initiative, announced by the Deputy Inspector General of the Driving License Branch, aims to simplify the process of obtaining and renewing driving licenses for the residents of Sindh.

Starting next week, citizens will be able to apply for new learner licenses, renew their existing licenses, and obtain international driving licenses through the new online service. This platform is designed to provide comprehensive details about the application process, the applicable fees, and the designated banks for fee payments.

Applicants will be required to submit medical fitness certificates and B-forms for both license renewals and permanent licenses. These certificates must be obtained from authorized hospitals to ensure the authenticity of the medical evaluations.

In addition, there are proposals under consideration to assist overseas Pakistanis in submitting their medical fitness certificates and B-forms for international driving license renewals. This move aims to facilitate Pakistanis living abroad who need to maintain their driving credentials.

The fee structure for the online driving license service is as follows:

CategoryLearner License FeePermanent DLRenewal within 30 daysRenewal after 30 days
New Learner LicenseRs50Rs100Rs510Rs660
Car + MotorcycleRs150Rs100Rs1410Rs1860
LTV + MotorcycleRs150Rs100Rs1410Rs1860
HTV + MotorcycleRs150Rs100

This new online service by the Sindh Police is expected to make the process of obtaining and renewing driving licenses more efficient and user-friendly, reducing the need for in-person visits and long wait times. The initiative reflects a broader push towards digitization and improved public services in the region.

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