Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sindh Proposes Up To 30% Increase in Salaries of Govt Employees

The Sindh budget has delivered encouraging news for government employees, as the PPP-led provincial government has announced salary increases ranging from 22% to 30%. Specifically, employees in grades 1 to 16 will receive a significant 30% pay raise, while officers in grades 17 and above will see a 22% increase in their salaries.

In addition to these salary hikes, the government has decided to boost pensions by 15%. This will provide much-needed financial relief to retirees. Furthermore, the minimum wage has been set at Rs37,000, aiming to ensure a better standard of living for workers across the province.

This comprehensive package of measures is designed to support government employees and enhance their financial well-being. By increasing salaries and pensions, the Sindh government hopes to address the economic challenges faced by its workforce, providing them with greater stability and security.

This move is seen as a positive step towards improving the overall quality of life for government employees in the region.

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