Monday, October 2, 2023

Sindh Student Awarded First Position by BISE Benazirabad, Despite Not Being Enrolled

The person who secured the top position in this year’s intermediate examinations in Shaheed Benazirabad was found not to be a college student. Media reports brought attention to the records of this “influential” student, raising suspicions about the exam results.

It was later revealed that the individual, named Saif Ali, is the son of a security in-charge of a political party. There were allegations that the college administration was pressured to manipulate the records. However, the chairman of the Nawabshah board, Dr. Farooq Hasan, denied these claims and stated that Ali had been a student at Government College Nawabshah since 2021.

He mentioned that the board has both manual and computerized records to support the fact that Ali is not involved in any fraudulent activity.

During the award ceremony, the college principal accepted the award on behalf of Saif Ali as he was not present. To address this issue, the Universities and Boards Minister, Ismail Rahoo, has formed a three-member committee.

The committee, headed by the additional secretary of the Universities Department, will investigate the matter and submit a report within 14 days. If any involvement of the board’s chairman or other officials is found, legal action will be taken against them.

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