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Skilled Worker Visa of Hungary, Step-to-Step Guide!

Are you considering finding high-paying jobs abroad? Look no further than Hungary! In 2023, Hungary has emerged as a prime destination for skilled workers seeking exciting career opportunities. This article presents compelling facts and citations to convince you of the benefits of working in Hungary. Additionally, we provide information on applying for a skilled worker visa, ensuring a smooth transition to this thriving European nation.

Unfilled Job Positions:

According to reports from Hungarytoday, there is a significant shortage of skilled workers in Hungary, resulting in 87,000 unfilled job positions in the government sector alone. Moreover, the private sector has also experienced a shortage, with 60,000 job vacancies remaining unoccupied. These figures reflect the abundant opportunities awaiting qualified individuals in Hungary.

Occupation Mismatch:

Based on an analysis of the CEDEFOP report, we can identify the occupations experiencing a surplus and those facing a shortage in Hungary. One sector that stands out is Information Technology (ICT). With Hungary’s ICT sector growing rapidly over the past few years and contributing 12% to the country’s overall economy, there is an immense demand for ICT professionals, graduates, and experts. Furthermore, other shortage occupations in Hungary offer potential employment prospects for skilled workers.

Work Visa Requirements:

If you are a citizen of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) or the European Union (EU), you can directly seek work opportunities in Hungary without the need for a work visa. However, for individuals from other regions, obtaining a Hungarian Work Visa (D-type) is mandatory. This visa can be obtained from the nearest Hungarian embassy. Upon entering Hungary for work purposes, you will also need to convert your work visa into a Hungarian work permit.

Finding Skill Shortage Jobs in Hungary in 2023:

To increase your chances of success, it is essential to optimize your resume, CV, and cover letter according to the Hungarian job market. Tailoring your application materials to align with the job you are applying for will help you stand out among other applicants.

List of Mismatch Occupations in Hungary in 2023
Surplus Occupations ListShortage Occupations List
Restaurant managersEngineers
Hotel workersHealth care sector professionals
Street vendorsNatural science professionals
General office workersFinancial managers
Foresty, agriculture, and fishery workersICT professionals
Garment industry workersEconomic experts
SalesmanAutomotive engineers
Textile and leather industry workersMechanical engineers
CashiersHeavy truck drivers
Food technologistsAssemblers

Conclusion: Hungary offers a wealth of high-paying job opportunities in various sectors. The country’s shortage of skilled workers has led to numerous vacancies in both the government and private sectors. With the ICT sector contributing significantly to the Hungarian economy, professionals in this field are in particularly high demand. While citizens of EEA and EU countries can freely pursue employment in Hungary, others must obtain a Hungarian Work Visa. By understanding the requirements and aligning your application materials with the Hungarian job market, you can position yourself for success and embark on an exciting career in Hungary in 2023.

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