Monday, March 4, 2024

Skills Fuel Dreams; Invest Wisely. NEXSKILL has Opened its 3rd Branch this Year

In a significant step towards educational excellence, Agey Barho Pakistan, the motivational tagline behind NEXSKILL, proudly announces the opening of its third branch in Lahore, Pakistan.

This is a major milestone in their commitment to providing quality education and fostering intellectual growth alongside NexSkill-Arfa Tower and Nexskill-Johar Town.

The new branch, strategically located in Iqbal Town, comes with a new motto, “Skills Seekho Hunarmand Bano” (Learn Skills, Become Skilled), showcasing their unwavering dedication to expanding access to education and creating inspiring learning environments.

With the aim of empowering both students and the community, this expansion reflects the commitment to the success of Pakistan and the vision of making Nexskill the top institute in the country.

Fahad Iqbal Sheikh, CEO of NEXSKILL, Entrepreneur & Career Counsellor, expressed enthusiasm for the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead with the opening of the new branch.

He mentioned the introduction of new programs catering to diverse aspirations, ranging from STEM disciplines to soft skills, business development, and the art of selling.

NEXSKILL is committed to providing a comprehensive and well-rounded education, preparing students for future challenges.

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