Sunday, July 14, 2024

Smoking after Iftar Increases Heart Diseases, Warns Doctor

Dr. Kaghan Golan, head of the cardiology department at Gerson University Medical College in Turkey, has warned that smoking immediately after breaking the fast in Ramadan increases the risk of heart diseases.

According to the report of the news agency, Dr. Golan said that people who smoke cigarettes immediately after breaking the fast have physical tremors and tremors in hands and feet, in addition to dizziness. Because after a long break, smoking cigarettes disrupts the entire immune system of the body, while smoking cigarettes after a short break does not.

He further informed that smoking during Ramadan causes severe damage to the walls of blood vessels which is more than the damage caused during the rest of the year.

According to Dr. Golan, some medical research shows that deaths due to heart-related diseases increase during Ramadan and smoking can also cause sudden death.

He stressed that one should take advantage of the month of Ramadan to start quitting smoking and benefit from the body’s habit of not using tobacco during the long hours of fasting

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