Monday, October 2, 2023

Snapchat Unveils Groundbreaking Features for Saudi Arabia

Snapchat revealed impressive new features at a press conference in Riyadh on 31st May. Multiple innovative story features including After Dark, Friendship flashbacks, communities, and Family Centre.

Abdullah Alhammadi, the Snapchat regional business lead for KSA Market stated that over 22 million Saudi Arabia users use snapchat in their daily lives including 71% parents. Further expressing the popularity, he said that the augmented reality feature of Snapchat especially the lenses have more than 85% KSA users.

Abdullah Alhammadi said that these new features will help users capture moments in the most interesting and creative ways. With friendship flashbacks, users can directly conversate with those friends. The After dark feature allows capturing evening moments aesthetically, and Communities will allow the users and students to share conversations with class fellows.

The Family center feature allows parents to keep track of their children’s activities and report any suspicious activity. Moreover, a customized 3D Snap Map will also be introduced making it easy to find popular places around you.

You can now earn with Snapchat as well. The creators with minimum 50 000 followers, 25 million views monthly, and 10 stories per month can monetize through ads.

Snapchat for KSA users has been made more fun and advanced to use!

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