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Social Development and Policy Program at Habib University Makes One of the Best Social Scientists

One of the most difficult, yet important, decisions during our young adult life is to decide which university and degree to apply for. Not only does one have to look at the qualifications of the faculty members that would be teaching you but also the fee structure and the affordability. As for me, I was hesitant in applying to Habib University, although they had a world-class campus and brilliant scholarly teachers, their fee was much higher compared to other universities. Upon hearing that Habib University gives scholarships and financial aid to over 80% of their students while also granting fully funded scholarships to Pakistani students through HU TOPS, I was pleasantly surprised. They provided me and countless other students the opportunity to be a part of their academic journey.

Many people think of liberal arts as vague with not much importance, and perhaps it is taught in such a way in many places, but at Habib University, this is not the case.

Ever since I joined this university, I have changed as a person and student – both intellectually and personally. Their curriculum is unlike anything I have seen in the social science department. Habib University as an entire institution is first and foremost known as a liberal arts university, and they live up to their name! Along with the international teachers and intensive curriculum, we are slowly becoming experts in various fields such as economics, sociology, history and data analysis.

Many people think of liberal arts and sciences as vague with not much importance, and perhaps it is taught in such a way in many places, but at Habib University, this is not the case.

We are asked to do field work and build experiences outside the classroom. SDP offers students opportunities to special their fields of study by choosing electives, through which they can concentrate their focus on specific disciplines or fields of study including economics, sociology and anthropology, gender and identity, program planning and evaluation, and a variety go other topics and fields. We conduct in-depth research regarding the existing problems in our societies and continue to challenge the ideas and theories that have long existed before us.

Habib University constantly encourages us to grow intellectually while also giving back to the community. They make our academics their utmost priority while constantly providing us opportunities to learn abroad which has changed the lives of many students. This institution is more motivated than any other to produce the top students and guarantee a change in our society and worldview. Some may argue that other institutions do not prioritise their social science department and focus more on the business and management departments. However, Habib University continues to work hard and create an excellent curriculum for the students and aims to produce the best social science students in Pakistan – and this is something I have seen as a student first-hand.

Habib University believes in excellence that ensures the success of students, not just in the development sector but also in the civil services of Pakistan. One of the examples is Novaira Khan, who graduated from Social Development and Policy at Habib University in 2021 and now proudly serving the nation. Along with this, students of Habib University are also making it to the top global institutions for post-graduation studies. One such student is Nazish Rizvan, who graduated from Habib University in 2018, and is now a Graduate Teaching Assistant and student of Management and Human Resources at the University of Tennessee.

The choice to select a university is not an easy one, but studying BSc Social Development and Policy at Habib University is the best decision I have ever made as a young student. If you are seeking an undergraduate social science degree with amazing faculty and intellectual experience, Habib University is the place for you.

To apply to this premier liberal arts university in Pakistan with equally competent international education standards, start your online application now Admissions for the Fall 2023 session are open.

Syeda Soha Zaka is a student of Habib University, studying in the Social Development and Policy program. She is an aspiring social scientist, social work enthusiast and an avid reader.

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