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“Social Media can be Really Toxic, Most of it is Fake”: Famous Content Creator Zubair Sarookh

The rise of individuals with personal brands and large online followings has been a remarkable trend in the digital age. This trend has been fueled by various factors, including increased digital media consumption and advancements in technology that have made it easier to create and share content.

It has also given rise to a new industry within the creator economy.According to a 2023 research report by Goldman Sachs, the creator economy is projected to double in size over the next five years, reaching a total addressable market of $480 billion by 2027.

Content creation has now become mainstream, but there was a time when it was not clear how one could make a living from it. Zubair Bin Jaafar Ba’oom, who is now 27, started his journey as a content creator in 2014 without knowing where it would lead. What began as a way to overcome boredom gradually turned into a full-time career path for Zubair.

Now known as Abu Zubair, one of his characters, Zubair’s comedy sketches depicting life in an Arab country with a unique twist have garnered millions of views on YouTube and Facebook. He not only earns a living through his content but also receives love and recognition from fans when they spot him on the streets.Zubair explains that his journey into social media was a coincidence.

He and a friend decided to record a simple video of him asking a tricky question, which unexpectedly gained over three million views in just one week. However, despite his confident onscreen persona, Zubair admits that he wasn’t always a confident kid while growing up.

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