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Social Media Lauds Differently-Abled Foodpanda Rider and his Son Earning Rizq-e-Halal at Midnight

A differently-abled rider and his son’s picture captured by a local citizen has recently become viral on social media where a son and his father (Food delivery man) has been caught on the camera lens while riding a customize bike for delivering food to the customer.

Pakistanis are truly an example when it comes to earn rizq-e-halal; however, this rider has made the nation so proud that people are appreciating his efforts of delivering food with his little kid.

According to the person behind the camera lens, “I saw this Foodpanda Delivery Guy, who was apparently differently abled with his son, at around 3 AM. The sole reason to post this picture is to show ‘Support and Appreciation’ to him and all the others like him who are working tirelessly without any excuse and earning their halal Income unlike all those who beg on streets.”

Social media users have made the picture viral while appreciating the delivery man’s efforts for working hard to earn the bread for his family. As per the users, the bond between a son and a father can do wonders in the world; however, these people are not less than any inspiration for the nation.

The author of the viral post has mentioned, “If the CEO or any representative of Foodpanda is reading the post, Sir, it’s a request from all of us to pay a little more in terms of wages and bonuses and be a bit easy on them if they make any mistakes.”

Moreover, it is not only the company how has taken a great step to support differently-abled by giving them an opportunity to earn but the customers who are receiving the orders by such hard working riders should also pay a little bit more tip to them in order to boost their moral for working hard.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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