Monday, April 15, 2024

Social Media Platform ‘X’ Formerly Twitter Restricted in Pakistan for 24 Hours, Netblocks

The widely-used social media platform X, formerly recognized as Twitter, has reportedly faced a “restriction” within the borders of Pakistan for an extended period of 24 hours, as disclosed by NetBlocks, a prominent watchdog monitoring cybersecurity issues.

This restriction has significantly impacted users across the nation, resulting in prolonged periods of unavailability of the platform’s services, with the disruptions commencing as early as Saturday.

According to numerous reports received by Downdetector, a service monitoring internet outages, users encountered persistent difficulties accessing X, encountering error messages indicating the site’s unreachability.

The duration of this restriction is notable, representing one of the lengthiest interruptions in a series of internet outages experienced on a national scale. This incident underscores ongoing challenges surrounding internet accessibility in Pakistan, which have been observed across various social media platforms and internet services over recent months.

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