Thursday, December 7, 2023

Solar Eclipse Will Turn the Sun into a Spectacular ‘Ring of Fire’ this Week

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has announced that the second solar eclipse of the year is set to occur this week. This eclipse will be visible in certain regions, starting in the Yucatán peninsula in southwestern Mexico and extending across Central American countries like Belize, Honduras, and Panama. It will then move across central Colombia and a significant portion of northern Brazil before concluding in the Atlantic Ocean, just off Natal, Brazil.

The eclipse will have different phases, with the partial eclipse beginning at 20:04 PST, the total eclipse at 21:10 PST, and the great eclipse taking place at 10:59 PST. The total eclipse will conclude at 00:49 PST on October 15, with the partial eclipse ending at 01:55 PST.

Astronomers have named this solar eclipse the ‘Ring of Fire’ because during this type of eclipse, the Moon doesn’t fully cover the Sun, leaving the outer part of the Sun visible, resembling a ring of fire.

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