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Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest Solar Panels You Need to Know

The solar panel is the most wanted product these days for the number of benefits they provide. Solar panels are a renewable and clean source of energy-reducing pollution lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panels prices in Pakistan 2023 are reasonable and are manufactured by many companies.

Some of the best solar panels are described below, and their specifications and solar panel price in Pakistan 2023.

Skyelectric solar panel

SkyElectric solar panels deliver sustainably and one solution for energy conservation. It is equipped with several features maximizing its efficiency. With its touch screen interface and beautiful exterior, it is a great option if looking for a solar panel.

Its smart energy inverter is a hybrid inverter of solar systems and batteries. It is integrated with software for efficient energy as well as storage management.

One intelligent energy management software installed in SkyElectric’s solar system is SmartFlow. The software runs a power management plan and regulates all the aspects of this smart solar panel.

A Lithium-ion battery powers SkyElectric’s solar panel. This highly compact battery, management system software, and intelligent energy storage management software make a complete package.

Skyelectric solar panel

Residential packages

There are different residential packages which you can choose for your house.

The 3-kW Package is suitable for a small house with one to two bedrooms or an apartment. The 3-kW Package can hold the energy load of a 1-ton inverter air conditioner, LCD or LED TV, a fridge, number of fans, and lights.

The capacity of this system is 3 kW, and the smart energy storage pack is 5 kWh. The solar panel dimensions are 921.12mm Height x 790mm Width x 233.37mm Depth. Backup Time at 90 per cent DoD is 110 minutes at 90 per cent peak load.

The connectivity options include WI-FI 3G and cloud communication.

The 5kW Package is suitable for a small 2-3 bedroom house. It can hold the energy load of 2 1-ton inverter AC and 1 2-ton inverter Ac, LCD/LED TV, fridge, lights, and fans.

The Rated Capacity is 5 kW. Smart Energy Storage Package is 5 kWh. Dimensions of the solar panel are 921.12mm Height x 790mm Width x 233.37mm Depth. Backup Time at 90% DoD is 60 minutes at 90% Peak Load. Connectivity options include WiFi 3G & Cloud Communication.

The 10kW Package is suitable for 3 – 4 bedrooms for medium-sized houses. The solar panel’s energy load can handle three 1.5-ton inverter AC or four 1-ton inverter AC, fridges, LCD or LED TV, lights, and fans.

The Smart Energy Storage Pack is 10 kW. The dimensions are 1959.35 mm Height x 790 mm Width x 233 mm Depth. The solar power (rated) is 10.4 kW. The Backup Time at 90% DoD is 60 min at 90% Peak Load.

Connectivity options include WiFi 3G and Cloud Communication.


Some specifications of the SkyElectric solar panels are:

Solar produced40 GWh
Solar exported12.76 GWh
Battery to load6.77 GWh
Solar self-consumption27.2 GWh
CO2 reduced amount29.7 KTonnes

Inverex 170 Watts solar panel

Inverex is known for its efficient solar panels. There are different packages available according to the needs of your house. Some of these Inverex 170 Watts solar panel features are described below.

The company provides a warranty of best-in-class Module power output. The solar panel meets International Quality requirements and ensures safety and efficient performance.

Its enchanting appearance improves the look of the house. It is designed to provide durability and compactness. Moreover, you also can make special designs as per your needs.

Inverex 170 Watts solar panel


The detailed specifications of the Inverex solar panel are listed below.

Maximum power170.00
Maximum power current8.73 Amperes
Maximum Power voltage19.84 Volts
Open circuit voltage23.44 Volts
Module efficiency17.13%
Cell efficiency19.22%
Short circuit current9.27 Amperes
Dimensions1485 x 668 x 35
Cell type156.75 * 156.75 polycrystalline
Cells number4 * 9 (36)
FrameAnodized Aluminum alloy
Front glassTempered glass, low iron, and 3.2 mm high transmission
Weight11.0 Kg
Output cables4 mm2 cable 90 cm + MC4
Junction BoxIP65 / IP67
Maximum wind or snow load2400 – 5400 Pa
The maximum voltage of the system1000-1500 Volts
Maximum fuse rating of series15 Amperes
Power tolerance0 to approximately +3%
Operating and storage temperature-40 to +85 ‘C

530 – 550 Watts Mono-Crystalline Perc Solar Panel

The monocrystalline Perc solar panel manufactured by Inverex delivers exceptional power production performance. The power tolerance (positive) is in the range of 0 to +5 Watts. The upgraded low light irradiance, as well as less degradation, improve the performance of solar panels.

With its up-to-date production process and MBB design, it delivers a module efficiency of greater than 20.5 per cent. The solar panel is designed to provide 100 per cent and three times more electroluminescence and appearance inspection.

It provides excellent quality control by a fully automatic production line. The manufacturing execution system (MES) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) have digitized logistic management, thus providing quality control.

The solar panel has long weather resistance as well as compact mechanical performance. The robust hail test has approved the mechanical strength. The solar panel can put up with 5400 Pa snow and a wind load of 2400 Pa.

The anti-PD performance provides excellent weather resistance. The solar panel is fireproof, ensuring safety.

530 – 550 Watts Mono-Crystalline Perc Solar Panel


This monocrystalline perc solar panel’s detailed mechanical and electrical specs are given below. Inverex Solar panel price in Pakistan 2023 is affordable for their provided features and specifications.

Range of temperature cycling-40 to +85
Fire rating`C class
Maximum series of fuse rating20 Amperes
Rate of hot spot100 per cent free
Dimensions (mm)2094 length x 1038 width x 35 height
Cells166*83 mm mono
Weight23.3 kg
Number of diodes3
Number of connections and cells6*24 (144)
Cross-section size of cable4 mm2
Maximum powerSTC: 445 (Pmpp/W) NMOT: 334.9 (Pmmpp/W)
Maximum power voltageSTC: 41.16 (Vmp/V) NMOT: 38.69 (Vmp/V)
Open circuit voltageSTC: 49.78 (Voc/V) NMOT: 47.00 (Voc/V)

Longi Hi-Mo 4 bifacial solar panel

This 540 Watts Longi solar panel is designed using an M10-182 mm wafer which is considered the best choice for ultra-large solar panels. Efficient module technology is delivered by ultra-modern module technology.

Its gallium-doped wafers, 9-busbar half-cut cells, and smart soldering ensure performance. The long solar panels promise magnificent outdoor power generation. Moreover, the excellent module efficiency ensures its long-term durability and reliability.

The solar panel price in Pakistan 2023 is budget-friendly for the specs it offers.

Longi Hi-Mo 4 bifacial solar panel


The detailed specifications of Hi-Mo 4 are given below.

Max. module efficiency21.5%
Power tolerance0~+5 W
Power degradation (1st year)Less than 2%
Half cellsLow operating temp
Cell6 x 24 (144)
Glass3.2 mm tempered glass, single glass
Weight27.2 kg
Operational temperature-40 ‘C ~ +5 W
Protecting glassGlass II
Max. static loading (front)5400 Pa
Max. static loading (rear)2400 Pa

Price in Pakistan

Solar panel price in Pakistan is given below.

Solar panels Price
Skyelectric solar panelPKR 998,000 – 2,440,000
Inverex 170 Watts solar panelPKR 52,999 – 107,666
530 – 550 Watts Mono-Crystalline Perc Solar PanelPKR 61,729 – 132,277
Longi Hi-Mo 4 bifacial solar panelPKR 38,750

The article sums up everything you need to know about solar panels and solar panel prices in Pakistan 2023.

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