Sunday, July 21, 2024

South Korean Woman Gets Driving Licence Finally After 960 Attempts

A woman in South Korea has passed her driver’s test on her 960th attempt, an amazing feat that has recently resurfaced on the internet.

This story went viral a few weeks ago on Reddit, where many people are praising her tenacity. Cha Sa-Soon first attempted the written test in 2005 and after failing for the first time, she kept trying every day, five days a week for three years.

After that, her pace slowed down, to about twice a week. But she never gave up and after 860 written tests, she finally passed.

Cha Sa-soon had to take 960 driving tests to get her license. She passed the first one in 2010 and had to retake it ten times. When she finally got her license, she was 69 years old. She also had to pay 11,000 pounds to pass the tests.

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