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South Korea’s GIST University Offering Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students Including Pakistanis

In a significant academic milestone, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) in South Korea has announced a remarkable fully funded scholarship program for international students, offering Pakistani students the chance of a lifetime in Spring 2024.

Academic Excellence at GIST University

GIST University, renowned for its academic excellence, holds the 4th rank in South Korea and consistently secures a position in the top 100 global universities. This initiative aims to attract bright minds from across the globe, including Pakistan, to experience world-class education.

An All-Inclusive Opportunity

What sets this scholarship apart is its inclusivity. All international applicants, including those from Pakistan, are automatically considered for the GIST Scholarship upon applying, streamlining the application process and eliminating the need for a separate scholarship application.

Comprehensive Scholarship Benefits

The GIST Scholarship is a comprehensive package, encompassing tuition fees, meals, accommodation, a monthly stipend, robust health insurance, and even flight tickets. It’s designed to provide students with a conducive environment for academic excellence and personal growth.

English as the Medium of Instruction

GIST University stands out by offering all courses in English, making it accessible to international students without the requirement of an English language proficiency test at the time of application. However, selected students may need to provide their test scores later in the process.

Exemptions for English Proficiency Test

Pakistani students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees in English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, or the USA are exempt from submitting an English Proficiency Test result, further simplifying the application process.

Accepted English Proficiency Tests and Minimum Scores

For those required to demonstrate their English proficiency, GIST University accepts scores from recognized tests such as TOEFL (iBT, PBT), IELTS, TOEIC, and TEPS, with specific minimum score requirements:

  • TOEFL: iBT 80, PBT 550
  • IELTS: 6.5
  • TOEIC: 750
  • NEW TEPS: 285

Applicants are strongly encouraged to secure their English test scores, as they may be needed during the visa application process.

Global Opportunity: Open to All Nationalities

The GIST Scholarship warmly welcomes applicants from around the world, provided they hold a bachelor’s degree equivalent to a Korean bachelor’s degree. Applicants should ensure they submit all required documents, as detailed on the official website.

Simplified Online Application Process

Applying for this prestigious scholarship is a straightforward process. Students are required to submit the necessary documents online. The International Admissions Coordinator will review and confirm the application’s completeness.

Admission Notifications by November 30, 2023

Applicants can anticipate receiving notifications of admission results by November 30, 2023, giving them ample time to prepare for their academic journey at GIST University.

A Global Educational Adventure

The GIST Scholarship opens doors to high-quality education, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a culturally enriching experience in South Korea. GIST University encourages students from diverse backgrounds to seize this unique opportunity for personal and academic advancement.

For More Information and Application

For more details and to apply for this prestigious scholarship, interested candidates can visit the official announcement page.

Fostering Global Talent: South Korea’s Commitment

This initiative reaffirms South Korea’s commitment to international education and nurturing global talent, positioning GIST University as an appealing destination for students worldwide, including those from Pakistan. Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity to shape your academic future at GIST University.

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