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Sozo Water Park – Location, Timings, Ticket Price And Much More!

Summer vacations are around the corner, and many families may make plans for enjoyment. Sometimes individuals want to relax by enjoying themselves far away from their local residential place.

They want to travel far from the energetic, engaged way of life of the city for some hours. It will be an overwhelming assumption when a water park fulfils an individual’s wishes.

The water parks have frequent explanations for coming for a vacation. People as an entire family get together to raise the value of gathering with their friends and families from time to time.

The article will share Sozo Water park’s Location, Timings, Ticket Price and Much More for summers. Individuals, friends, groups of families, and friends start planning to visit these water parks in summer for vacations with summer.

People living in Lahore are fond of the Sozo water park. They mostly go to the Sozo water park in the summer to spend a day with their family members, cousins and friends. Many people want to take a day off from their hectic and monotonous routine and enjoy some fun time with their family members and friends.

Apart from this, there are so many marvellous rides. Most of the rides are free at Sozo Water Park. The public needs to inquire about the ticket price; families should know the cost varies every month. The park timings are from 10: 00 am to 5: 30 pm.

Features Of Sozo Water Park

Features Of Sozo Water Park

Sozo Water Park is not only famous for its incredible, thrilling ride, but it is the only ladies’ water park in Pakistan that over two thousand women can visit the water park at a similar period. It has much water play areas, playgrounds, water slides, and more amusement features. The Sozo water park offers fun and entertainment for the people visiting. The water park provides the following qualities:


Safety is essential for everyone by all means. Security is more essentially required in water parks because children and family are involved here. The ride in Sozo Water Park is certified by engineering experts from the University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore engineers for structural safety.

According to the official website of the Sozo water part and its owners, the rides are officially tested and run by the constructors before opening the parks for public enjoyment. A pilot test is run on all slides and rides every day before the opening hours of the Sozo water park.

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The most important things that people usually want in the water parks are hygiene and cleanliness. Upon inquiring some information from management about Sozo Water Park and the official website, the pools and areas with water purified with chemicals. The chemical treatment keeps germs and microorganisms from coming into the pool.

The water at Sozo water parks is frequently changed to keep away from the contamination of dirt and germs. The water is filtered using silica rock to remove dirt, trash, or solid waste.

Types Of Water Slides In Sozo Water Park

Types Of Water Slides In Sozo Water Park

Sozo Water Park is one of the finest parks for people in Lahore for a one-day trip. Wate Park Sozo proses a massive variety of fun-filled activities for the people who are adventure seekers.

The park’s water slides comprise twister side, speed slide, wave pool, racer slides, free-fall slides, bullet slides, and Kundal slide. The park is entirely jam-packed on weekends and during its peak hours. Most institutes assemble tours to these grounds as it delivers the Grade A atmosphere for learners, too.

Types Of Water Slides In Sozo Water Park

There is a lazy river in Sozo Water Park. It is a 10-foot vast water body where the water flows like a slow river. Brave people and adventure seekers, then this comfy and relaxing river is for them. The water at the lazy river flows like a quiet river, and people can go in and have a relaxing time. The Sozo water park is one of the best places to visit in Lahore in the summer with the family.

Sozo Water Park Lahore Ticket Price Timings

Day Timings Ticket price for kids Ticket price for adults
Monday 10 am 6:30 pm PKR 300 PKR 400
Tuesday 10 am 6:30 pm PKR 400 PKR 500
Wednesday 10 am 6:30 pm PKR 500 PKR 600
Thursday 10 am 6:30 pm PKR 500 PKR 650
Friday 10 am 6:30 pm PKR 600 PKR 700
Saturday 10 am 6:30 pm PKR 600 PKR 700
Sunday National holiday no specific timing PKR 660 PKR 700

Sozo Water Park Lahore Location

Sozo Water Park is at Canal Bank Road, near Jallo Wana in Lahore. It is near many famous places in Lahore. The water park of Sozo is only a 10-12 minute distance and more than a 15-minute drive away from Bismillah Housing Scheme and Paragon City Lahore.

Contact Details

The Sozo water park also offers trip packages. A special discount is for those people who take trip packages. Sozo water park Lahore’s contact number is below.

Phone number: 042-36526053

Call phone number: 0321-7777090

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