Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sri Lanka Cancels School Exams over paper Shortage.

This Saturday, the Government claimed that Sri Lanka cancelled examinations for thousands and thousands of pupils because the country ran out of printing paper and Colombo ran out of budget to pay imports.

The term exams, which were scheduled to start a week from Monday, have been postponed indefinitely because of an excessive paper shortage in Sri Lanka, which is truly experiencing its worst monetary crisis since independence in 1948.

“School principals are not able to maintain the assessments due to the fact printers are unable to get foreign exchange to import enough paper and ink,” the Western Province Department of Education stated.

According to reputable resources, the action could potentially postpone the exams for nearly two-thirds of the united states’s 4.5 million pupils.

The yearly assessmens are part of a non-stop evaluation system that determines whether college students get promoted to the higher level in the end of the year.

A crippling economic crisis as a result of a loss of foreign exchange reserves to finance essential imports has brought on the country to run out of food, fuel and medicinal products.

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