Saturday, July 13, 2024

Startup Unveiled a Lightweight Electric Motorcycle Made From Recycled Steel

The Swedish business Stilride came up with the idea for the peculiar motor vehicle. The new electric ride, expected to go on sale in 2024, now has a finalized design and a price, according to the business.

STILRIDE 1 has replaced the Sport Utility Scooter (1), which was earlier known by that name. Using the startup’s “industrial origami” folding technique, its ultra-lightweight frame has been tuned to make it even more svelte than in the first prototype.

Steel from Sweden was recycled for the chassis.

The STILRIDE 1 will cost €15,000 at retail. At STILRIDE’s Stockholm workshop, each motorcycle in the initial edition will be meticulously handcrafted and customized to order. The initial batch of motorcycles will be referred to as the “Limited Founders Edition”; each one will have a unique number and black fenders and embellishments.

A STILCONTROL app will control a number of features that are powered by STILRIDE 1’s custom Electric Vehicle Control Unit (eVCU).

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