Wednesday, October 4, 2023

State Bank Issues Rs. 75 Commemorative Coin

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has made a special coin to remember the 75 years of friendship between Pakistan and the United States. This coin is worth Rs75 and can be gotten at certain bank exchange counters from August 25, 2023.

They launched this coin in a special event in Islamabad. The Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi, and the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome, were there. They both talked about how important this friendship is.

The Governor of SBP, Jameel Ahmad, said that this coin shows how much both countries care about their friendship. He also said that the picture on the coin shows how the two countries work together for the good of their people.

Ahmad also talked about how Pakistan and the US work together in many ways, like in trading, investing, and helping each other’s citizens. He said that he hopes American technology companies will invest in Pakistan’s growing technology sector.

The Foreign Secretary, Syrus Sajjad Qazi, said that the coin looks really nice. He also said that the symbols of Pakistan and the US on the coin show that both countries believe in democracy.

He talked about how the two countries are friends in many areas like business, safety, education, and more. He said that important visits between leaders from both countries have made this friendship even stronger.

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