Thursday, September 21, 2023

Steve Jobs Handwritten Apple-1 Computer Advertisement Sells for Over Rs. 53 Million at Auction

A special handwritten advertisement by Steve Jobs, the person who helped create Apple, was recently sold for a big price of about $175,759 (which is around Rs5.3 crore). This news comes from RR Auction, a company based in Boston.

This unique piece of paper gives us a peek into the early days of Apple and how Steve Jobs, who started the company, had really smart ideas. This was at the beginning of a time when technology was changing a lot.

The ad was written by Steve Jobs himself and has his complete signature in lowercase letters: “steven jobs.” The paper also has his contact details, like where his parents lived and their phone number. This was where the first Apple office used to be.

The paper explains all the technical details of the Apple-1 Computer, which was pretty advanced for its time. Steve Jobs wrote about things like how much memory it had, the screen it could connect to, and how it could be expanded to do more things.

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