Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Students Forced to Clean Sukkur School by Teachers

Recently, it has been reported that students if government girls school in Sukkur are forced to perform the tasks of sweeper and give their pocket money to the teachers.

National DMB Government Girl Campus High School Sukkur’s students reveal that the principal and teachers ask the students to give them their pocket money and to work as trashman in his absence.

The students informed that teachers snatch their pocket money Rs10, Rs20 or sometimes Rs30 each in order to pay the trashman for cleaning the school building.

However, if the trashman is absent it’s their responsibility to perform sweeper duties as teachers ask them to do so, not just once but habitually.

“We cleaned the whole building after the school reopened after monsoon rainfall. We bring our pocket money from our home but the teacher use to seize it. All fans of the building are not working and we have no option other than attending classes in the extremely hot weather.”, according to the students.

A student’s mother expressed indignation over the management of school and said, “Is this a right thing to force our children to clean the building? The children were tortured after they refused to do this job.”

However, teachers informed that the school’s director asked them to do cleanliness work done by the students in trashman’s absence.

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