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Success Story of Mehboob Shar – Leading SEO Expert in the World

Humble Beginnings:

The Story of Mehboob Shar is not your average rags to riches story based purely around achieving success. Rather it tells us how success does not have a predefined starting point and how it comes from dedicating yourself entirely to something that you are passionate about. The early life of Mehboob was entirely defined by never-ending hardwork and limited resources, where he spent his childhood studying in a government school under the scorching sun in the village of Loung Khan Keerio. To further support his education and his family, Mehboob also took odd jobs along the way which include working as a peon in a private school.

Unwavering Pursuit of Education:

Despite all these challenges, young Mehboob clung passionately to his dreams and pursued higher education in QUEST NawabShah. But unfortunately, life had different plans for him, unable to pay his tuition fees, Mehboob dropped out of his degree in the final years of his education. However, this setback was only the beginning of the wonderful journey of Mehboob’s career. Even without a degree, Mehboob left to discover possible job opportunities in the bustling business hub of Sindh; Karachi. This marked the dawn of a new chapter in Mehboob’s life fueled by his dedication to achieving greatness and the unfortunate turn of events.

Stepping into the digital world:

Upon his arrival in Karachi, Mehboob Shar started his professional journey as a web developer. Despite earning a handsome amount for an entry level position with no prior experience or required qualifications, the flame of his unfulfilled ambition burned ever bright. Motivated by his evergreen aspiration to build his own firm, Mehboob made the bold decision to quit his secure job and pursue his dream.

Unsure what to offer and how to gain clients, Mehboob got introduced to the world of SEO and Digital Marketing where he found himself being immersed in this industry. The thrive for this newly found niche made him even curious to explore further, igniting his entrepreneurial spirit even more. From here, Icreativez – an IT services firm headquartered in Karachi, came into being, emerging from humble origins with Mehboob Shar as its sole workforce.

Leading Icreativez, Mehboob Shar dived deeper into the world of SEO after realizing the true potential of this niche. His thirst for knowledge and consistency fueled his journey and paved the way for Icreativez to secure its first local clientele.

Growth of Icreativez:

Overcoming initial hurdles like securing clients and making its way among the fiercely competitive market, Mehboob Shar built Icreativez brick by brick. His relentless dedication allowed him to form a powerful team consisting of 50+ Employees, each personally trained by Mehboob Shar himself. Under the far-sighted leadership of Mehboob Shar, highly acclaimed for its innovation and collaborative spirit, the company saw exceptional growth generating a monthly revenue of millions.

Despite operating solely from its headquarters based in Karachi, Pakistan, Icreativez has gone beyond geographical boundaries, boasting an international clientele spanning across 17 countries all around the globe. Serving some of the leading brands, like Suzuki and FBR Pakistan, helping them build their identities online. Icreativez has helped numerous startups and brands propel their business to new heights, marking them as an eminent entity in the digital world.

Recognition by Google:

From building Icreativez technologies from a small startup to a successful IT firm recognized globally, Mehboob Shar’s SEO Expertise has helped clients achieve global success. His endless efforts and valuable contributions to the SEO industry has earned him a highly esteemed spot among Google’s top SEO Experts globally, marking a historic achievement for any Pakistani Professional. This recognition not only served as a well-deserved reward to his dedication and persistence but also solidified his position as a global leader in SEO due to his unmatched proficiency in the field.

Remarkable Achievements:

Alongside the numerous achievements such as being recognized by Google and the revolutionary success of Icreativez, Mehboob Shar has secured a staggering amount of 42 Million PKR from a single international client over the span of 2.5 years, propelling their brand to the leading positions in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) all thanks to the power of organic search and SEO. This achievement not only highlights the excellence of Mehboob Shar’s SEO expertise but also underscores the game-changing potential of SEO in helping a business grow and drive success in the digital marketplace.

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